Barricor launch

How turning something practical into a piece of art turned heads with all the right people.

BD Trifold Brochure

The Brief

BD Barricor wanted to guarantee its new plasma tube made a mark in the industry.

BD Flyer poster

The Process

Evaluating BD Barricor’s clinical data was a crucial starting point to generate a clear picture of the buying cycle and understand what messages would cut-through other product noise. As BD Barricor promised to be ‘the art of blood sampling’, the team considered blood sampling as an art form and used this creative imagery to engage and excite.

The Execution

The product awareness campaign was launched in four languages across video, PR and marketing. We developed a supporting e-detailer programme for tablets, which allowed the sales team to educate prospects and tailor their experience.

The Results

This quote from BD said it all:

We realised that an innovative product needed an equally innovative and creative approach to build excitement and engage our audience.
Great support and great partnership.

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