Interactive digital launch experience – UniSafe® 2.25



Owen Mumford Pharma Services


The challenge

Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services (OMPS) were set to launch their latest product, the UniSafe® 2.25, at a prestigious conference in the USA. However, with the onset of the pandemic and in-person events being cancelled globally, they needed to find a new and innovative way to keep the launch on schedule. 

The thinking

With the worsening circumstances, we needed to find a solution quickly. onebite were quick to react to these challenging conditions by proposing a digital product launch instead.

The execution

To generate anticipation, we launched a teaser campaign across various media platforms to get the industry talking. The target audience was already aware of the product range’s concept, so we used this to our advantage, and once we had built ample interest, we launched the product digitally (both internally and externally). 

A stand-out element of this campaign was a dynamic and interactive webpage that was unlike anything OMPS had used to showcase their products previously. The page displays the product in a highly interactive way, giving the user full control to discover its features, and was supported by an email campaign, organic LinkedIn, print and online adverts, PPC and a Google Display campaign.

The results

Teaser - Paid LinkedIn Campaign






Quality leads

Launch - PPC and Display Campaign

In the first two months had over



onebite’s quick thinking ensured that the launch wasn’t delayed or diminished. Our client was extremely happy and was blown away by our innovative solution for showcasing their latest product digitally.

“It looks amazing! Great job! The project team have spent a long time on this product and it’s fantastic to see it being advertised on the website in such a professional manner. Amazing.”

Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services, Design Team Engineer

UniSafe® 2.25 Digital Product Launch
UniSafe® 2.25 Digital Product Launch
UniSafe® 2.25 Digital Product Launch

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