Connectivity makes the business world go round. And our telco PR and marketing strategies connect you with your ideal customers.

Your challenges

Telco is a crowded market. Growth comes from persuading customers to switch, but a race to the bottom on price will only secure them so long before they move to your competitor. Why should they buy from you? And how do you retain them over the long term?

How we help

Your customers don’t need to understand the technical complexities of how your VOIP or eSim technology works. We translate product features into benefits that will solve customers’ problems. As informed tech and telco industry experts, we’ll ensure you stand out from the crowd by avoiding common industry pitfalls.

We have extensive experience in telco PR, branding and marketing, combined with a deep understanding of the channel end-to-end, working with both vendors and resellers. No matter where you sit in the channel ecosystem or where you are on your business trajectory, we can ensure you resonate with your customers:



Do you need to crystalise your top-level positioning? Is boosting brand awareness a priority? Our innovative approach to marketing means we tap into the unexpected and make your brand memorable.

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Does your marketing need a refresh? Do you want to capture more market share?

From repositioning your brand to capturing new growth opportunities, we increase your competitive advantage.

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Our creative lateral thinking provides fresh ideas to bring your proposition to life. And we help drive a broader reach through an omnichannel approach.

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Our experience

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“The onebite team is calm, considered, passionate, pragmatic, insightful, intelligent. Competitive too. Driving hard to deliver demonstrably great results for their clients. Consistently.”

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