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Want to strengthen your brand’s visibility, and generate more sales? Our experienced cloud and data marketing specialists help build a repeatable and sustainable foundation for your brand’s success.

Your challenges

Your customers are looking to reduce risk and cost as they embrace the cloud. New cloud service providers or data analytics platforms are popping up on a daily basis promising to solve everyone’s problems. You want to present yourself as the authentic, trustworthy, sustainable choice in a sea of sameness. But how?

How we help

When it comes to the sales funnel, awareness leads to consideration. And consideration to decision.
Our marketing expertise boosts the brand building activities which ultimately supports growth.
We’re used to riding the different waves of adoption in your sector, and delivering within your timescales.

Whatever stage you’re at in your business journey, our expert team will support you:



Launching a new cloud or data product? Expanding into a new territory? From PR to content distribution, we make your messages relevant, focused and unique.

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The landscape is constantly changing. So it makes sense to continually reassess your marketing strategy and plans. We give you an independent, honest assessment of your current position and performance to identify the best areas for continued investment

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When you dream big, you need the practical resources to back you up. Grow market share, demand and visibility using our insights and expertise. Our extensive experience in the cloud and data sector means you can trust us to deliver.

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Our case studies

Blue sky thinking. Grounded tactics.

Intrigued as to how our cloud and data marketing specialists can make your brand stand out?

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“We hired onebite to manage our PR needs. They were critical in helping us stay top of mind with key journalists and industry pundits.”


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