Awareness campaign to boost brand recognition



Owen Mumford Pharma Services


The challenge

Having recently renamed, Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services (OMPS) was facing a difficult challenge – potential prospects were not fully aware of their products or wide-ranging capabilities. 

onebite was tasked with building a consistent awareness campaign to differentiate from competitors and increase recognition of the new brand.

The thinking

Consistency is key when building brand awareness. To immerse ourselves in the brand, we carried out extensive desk research and several positioning workshops.  

From this research phase, we were able to structure a messaging hierarchy that covered everything from overall brand messaging to more tailored product messaging. We refreshed their visual identity to bring it inline with their new positioning, including updating their logo and evolving illustrations. We also reviewed their marketing assets and set-up brand and product ads to ensure consistency. 

Using this as a foundation, the OMPS team could ensure they were always communicating the brand consistency from both a visual and messaging perspective.

One of their ‘off-the-shelf’ products had recently become commercially available, and so alongside this new messaging, we also needed to bring this product to life. Previously, illustrations had been used to showcase products in development, so it was important that the commercially available product was not only shown in the real-world, but that it also worked cohesively alongside the existing illustrations of other products, currently in development.

The execution

The new branding and refined messaging were rolled out across all their marketing collateral – everything from ads and video content to exhibition stands. We also advised that OMPS launch their own LinkedIn page – the perfect platform to deliver their brand news to a targeted audience and communicate and promote the new brand to prospects.

The results

Within the first few weeks of rolling out the new branding, they had already achieved a quality lead from an organic post! Demonstrating that a consistent brand and marketing strategy can achieve speedy results.

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