Media campaign raising awareness of cybersecurity threat intelligence



Sysdig & eSentire


The challenge

Cybersecurity vendors are investing heavily in their ability to identify threats and prevent attacks by prolific hacking groups through proactive threat research units to uncover the latest tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by these groups.

To help establish themselves as credible market-leaders, cybersecurity vendors require a robust media campaign to increase awareness of these findings.  

The thinking

When putting together a powerful and compelling media campaign for a cybersecurity vendor, it’s important to consider the challenges of securing media coverage – there are a lot of vendors and competitors also investing in this same research, so how do you cut through the noise?

It’s important to understand why cybersecurity vendors are making these investments. It’s to build trust, credibility and integrity – raising their profile within the industry so that they can find the biggest scoop before their competitors do, and so that they can be seen and heard as leaders within the industry.

The execution

onebite work tirelessly at honing our list of media contacts. This ensures that we can identify the media companies that like to cover threat intelligence reports. We take it a step further and separate out those who thrive on diving into the technical detail, versus those who want the bottom line up-front.

We also identify those members of the media who are less technical (such as vertical publications). This group of journalists tend to be less familiar with the technicality, so we tailor our pitch accordingly – making it more accessible to those without technical knowledge. We also give them the opportunity to spend some time with the threat researchers, who are carefully briefed to ensure they provide the right level of detail.

With technical reports such as these, we need to ensure we give media time to digest and dissect the report before they write up their evaluation. Therefore, pre-pitching with a minimum of three working days is essential – we work with our clients to agree embargo times to ensure we allow enough time for this important part of the process.

The results

As you can see from the results below, the research reports combined with a robust media campaign have proven popular and newsworthy – with an abundance of media coverage and impressive numbers of unique visitors, we’ve fortified our client’s position as market leaders in cybersecurity.


eSentire’s intelligence report played a significant part in the campaign about the infamous ransomware group, Conti. The campaign had an impressive combined MUV of 1,220,274:

Another research report from eSentire, enabled us to get a two-part in-depth feature article with leading independent tech news website TechHQ:


Sysdig’s threat research report on the true cost of cryptojacking for victims attracted a considerable combined MUV of 643,577:

Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence
Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence
Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence

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