‘Ghosty’ shifts behaviour with a measurable outcome





The challenge

Vodafone identified gaps in employee awareness surrounding device security and the importance of document and information confidentiality. An internal communications campaign was required to raise awareness of these issues and build more vigilance among employees.

The thinking

To avoid employees feeling reprimanded or lectured to, we wanted to raise awareness through a light-touch, informal communications campaign to create “light-bulb” moments among employees. We wanted employees to recognise the risks around current behaviour and provide information to encourage them to be more alert in the future and know how to minimise risk.

The execution

We created a character – ‘Ghosty’ – who acted as a figure in the background of the office. ‘Ghosty’ could overhear conversations, see when documents had been left unattended and access unlocked devices.

A teaser campaign was launched to create intrigue among employees with illustrations of ‘Ghosty’ placed in high traffic areas across Vodafone HQ, without any explanation.

The campaign evolved by providing the HQ security team with physical and digital ‘Ghosty’ assets to distribute, for example:

  • ‘Ghosty’ stickers to place on unattended or unlocked laptops or documents
  • Posters in public areas to highlight that others might be able to hear conversations
  • Emails to send to employees who have left documents on printers

The campaign was supported on a longer-term basis with regular ‘Ghosty’ communications to refresh knowledge and remind staff of the importance of security vigilance.

The results


of employees surveyed recalled the campaign


of employees who recalled the campaign understood the importance of security vigilance


of employees who recalled the campaign said it made them think about what they do and say at work

Ghosty shifts behaviour with a measurable outcome
Ghosty shifts behaviour with a measurable outcome

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