Product launch supported by VR and video





The challenge

BD Cato is a revolutionary medication workflow solution that streamlines key hospital prescribing and dispensing functions to eliminate prescription errors. The complex software was proving hard to sell and BD needed an impactful sales aid that would highlight the software’s features in a clear and compelling way.

The thinking

onebite believed that a sales training tool that follows the workflow all the way from prescription to ward would provide clarity to potential users. And to make the journey more compelling, we suggested that we build a fully immersive 3D VR environment where users can ‘walk around’ and explore the hospital to see the workflow in action.

The execution

To make the sales tool even more engaging, we included drop down screens which described users’ pain points and highlighted how BD Cato benefited each area of the hospital.  

This was supported by an informative video, enabling the sales team to showcase the product and communicate how it can significantly improve workflow efficiency.

The results

Participants found the sales tool both tangible and engaging. They were given a clear picture on how the software can save time and money by improving efficiency and most importantly, improving the standard of patient care. Through demonstrating how the software can achieve this, DHI adopted the tool as a key hospital selling aid.

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