Unlock the Future of Tech and Telco Marketing

with onebite’s 2024 Barometer Report

The onebite Tech and Telco B2B Marketing Barometer 2024 presents a clear outlook into how businesses in the tech and telco sectors are gearing up for a transformative 2024. After a year of resilience, it’s time to explore strategies for pushing forward.

Discover How to Thrive in 2024

Gain exclusive insights from a comprehensive study conducted in collaboration with Danebury Research, featuring the voices of 286 marketing leaders across telco and tech.

Inside the report

 Economic and Sector-Specific Challenges

Insight into the economic uncertainties, budget constraints, and talent shortages shaping the landscape.

Strategic Marketing Priorities

From maximising data and productivity to integrating AI, discover where your peers are focusing their efforts.

AI’s Transformative Role

Delve into how AI is being viewed not just as a challenge but as a crucial tool for innovation and efficiency across the sector.

 Investment and Growth Areas

Understand where businesses are planning to increase their investments, with a spotlight on brand building and technological integration.

Why this is a must read
  • Equip yourself with knowledge on overcoming economic, technological, and talent-related challenges.
  • Understand why marketing remains a strategic imperative, with detailed analyses on brand building and channel performance.
  • Discover how leveraging AI can transform marketing outcomes, from analytics to customer engagement.

Download the report now to benchmark your strategies, gain actionable insights, and steer your marketing efforts towards commercially impactful results.  

onebite’s 2024 Barometer Report