The campaigns that almost had us fooled

It’s become a bit of a ‘thing’ in recent years that April Fool’s Day presents itself as another opportunity for brands to gain consumer and media attention through creative and quirky campaigns. This year was no exception and we saw some of the best yet.

We’ve put together a selection of some of our favourites – that almost had us fooled!


Aldi used its popular luxury candles – that are said to rival Jo Malone’s at a fraction of the cost – to fool its customers this year.

On its Facebook page, Aldi launched the new limited edition Easter scented candles; Rosemary and Garlic with a hint of Lamb, Mint Sauce and Dark Chocolate Egg. The new scents definitely had the company’s followers divided with some loving the idea of the new smells and others not so keen!


Heinz launched its latest condiment on April Fool’s Day via its Facebook page too. The post read: “BIG NEWS! Heinz Chefs have been seriously busy recently, creating a delicious new recipe, Heinz [Seriously] Good CHOCOLATE Mayonnaise!”

It was accompanied by a video claiming the Heinz chefs had created the “top-secret recipe” for Easter using a mixture of Belgian dark chocolate and the creamy white condiment.

Disappointingly though, the chocolate mayonnaise isn’t real and won’t be coming to stores near you soon. L


Tefal made a big announcement on April 1st too via Instagram – it was launching the Toast ‘n’ Avo. It looks like a normal toaster, but with the added feature of an avocado tree plant pot attached to the side. Game changer I hear you say!

Unfortunately, this was also a cheeky fib by Tefal. Sorry to all you millennial brunch lovers out there.

Happy Friday Kitchen

And our final favourite comes from a vegan café in Oxford, Happy Friday Kitchen. On the morning of April 1st the independent restaurant wrote on its Facebook page:

“It is with a heavy heart I have to announce that sadly after a fantastic 4 months HFK is closing its doors for good. We gave it a good go, but after a very trying few months all 7 of our staff members have sadly perished due to what a post-mortem examination found to be protein deficiency. This is not the first time a group of seemingly young, fit vegans have died from protein deficiency and it won’t be the last, it is a tragedy not spoken about often enough, I hope if nothing else this loss creates awareness for protein deficiency and stops this happening to others. Stay safe and remember to eat your tofu folks, and thank you for supporting us while we lasted #vegansagainstproteindeficiency #onlybuddhasurvived #typingthisfrombeyondthegrave #riphfk #aprilfoolswereheretostaysogetusedtoit

It’s safe to say, the Happy Friday Kitchen’s staff didn’t all die from protein deficiency and the café is open for business as usual. Phew!

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