Trick or treat yo’self, it’s Halloween!

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Whilst Halloween itself falls on the 31st October, the commercial season to celebrate all things ghoulish and garish began weeks ago, as brands began to explore ways they could use the season to boost sales volumes and demand for their products and services.

It can be a fun time of year for companies to push something different, to challenge perceptions and even to reignite interest in their output. What better way to do it than to create a hair-raising (and fun!) Halloween campaign to keep customers on their toes?

We’ve compiled some of the team’s favourite Halloween campaigns and why we think they are worthy of a mention above any others:

Burger King

Burger King used McDonald’s mascot, Ronald McDonald, as the protagonist in its campaign, #ScaryClownNight. Using a creepy clown-filled YouTube video (looking strangely familiar to McDonald’s mascot, that is), Burger King used the platform to inform customers that the first 500 people to visit select stores, dressed as a clown, would receive a free Whopper burger.

With an infamous rivalry with McDonald’s, what better way to celebrate Halloween than a bit of clever trolling?

Lush Cosmetics

Retail cosmetics brand, Lush, and its Halloween collection of bath bombs, bars and gels, has become a bit of ‘a thing’ over the last few years, but it is the brand’s presence in the US that has caught our eye. Maximising their social and digital channels, Lush USA has managed to generate a seamless customer experience between platforms with a ‘countdown to Halloween’ campaign that spans its website, social media, and email communications.

With slick photography and clever content, the user is taken from one platform to the other, whilst the countdown mechanic builds intrigue and interest – as well as demand for the limited-edition products that are only available for so long!

Legoland’s Brick or Treat

Don’t tell the kids, but Legoland’s Brick or Treat is back in Windsor this year, and its bigger than ever before. With a series of tailored events and six nights of fireworks, Legoland has given its audience a reason to return back to the park to experience something they will not encounter at any time of the year. The event is supported by a social media campaign, #BrickorTreat, where customers are encouraged to snap their experience in the park and upload to social media under the dedicated hashtag. Not only does this help raise awareness of the park’s activity, but it does so in an organic way, bringing Legoland front of mind to parents and children alike.

And not to be outdone by B2C brand campaigns and spooky ideas, open-source database company, Percona, has today released their take on Halloween through a topical blog post on the scariest stories of dataset dread, (read more here) demonstrating that even B2B brands can get in on the fun, too.

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