Top 3 reasons why you can’t ignore digital marketing in 2021

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Not only is 2021 the year of the Ox, but it should also be the year in which your business embraces digital marketing. In a fast-moving digital landscape, to ignore digital marketing is to wave goodbye to lower costs, better brand awareness, and increased sales.

A combination of technological advances, such as voice search and artificial intelligence (AI), and the rising demand for digital channels due to the Coronavirus pandemic, means that the opportunities for engaging with customers online is at an all-time high.

So here are three reasons why digital marketing should be one of your resolutions for 2021.

It can help your brand adapt to the new way of working

Covid-related lockdowns and social distancing rules have changed customer behaviours. One study found that consumer and business digital adoption leapt forward five years in just eight weeks, and the digital demand is here to stay with 75% of those using digital channels for the first time saying they’ll carry on using them when things return to ‘normal’.

It’s clear that for a company to remain top of mind in the new digital landscape they need to maximise their digital marketing efforts. The only constant in the technology world is change, so it’s important to take advantage of upcoming technologies alongside more traditional digital marketing channels such as websites, apps and social media.

With more people being at home for extended periods, voice search via devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant has had something of a boost. In 2020, voice searches made up almost 50% of all online searches, so it’s no surprise more and more brands are optimising their sites for voice search. This is a particularly effective way of generating leads if you offer services as the majority of voice queries are for local content, e.g. people searching for ‘mobile phone shops near me’.

Another area that is on the rise is interactive content, which 93% of marketers believe is highly effective at educating customers. As the name suggests, this is online content that people can engage with by clicking, swiping or interacting. From quizzes and polls to augmented reality adverts and 360-degree videos, interactive content offers an immersive experience like no other that can help customers connect to the brand.

There’s no better way to network 

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to reach prospects and customers as, depending on your audience, there’s a social network with a captive audience waiting for you. Let’s look at the numbers:

  • 3.96 billion – the number of people that use social media globally
  • 8.6 – the number of social media accounts the average person has
  • 2.7 billion – Facebook’s monthly active users
  • 2 billion – YouTube’s monthly active users
  • 326 million – Twitter’s monthly active users

The key, of course, is to target the platforms that your target audience is using. For example, if you want to focus on the 18-24 age group, Instagram (1.1 billion monthly active users) would be a better fit than Facebook, where the biggest user group is aged 55+. And if you’re looking to target B2B lead generation, then LinkedIn is the best choice as four out of five of its members drive business decisions, and you can target an audience by their job role.

The growth opportunities are endless

The ever-changing digital marketing landscape means that there are boundless opportunities available to create a diverse marketing strategy with the most effective return on investment.

When you create a campaign, consider diversifying across platforms to gain the widest possible reach with social media promotion, email marketing, blogs and apps. Known as omnichannel marketing, this approach quickly increases the likelihood of connecting with your audience across multiple digital touchpoints.

As well as enhancing the reach of your campaign message, omnichannel marketing offers a better user experience that can increase customer engagement over three times more than digital marketing on a single-channel. And who wouldn’t want that?

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