Spooktacular Halloween campaigns that have got us talking!

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For marketers, Halloween traditionally is a prime opportunity for brands to take advantage of the holiday and create tactical campaigns that increase brand awareness, drive more engagement and generate a heightened demand for their products and services.

It’s certainly a time to get creative, and this year, brands have had to be more creative than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact across a multitude of industries, and marketers find themselves navigating through the new marketing and advertising landscape, as we all work towards a ‘new normal’.

We’ve compiled some of the onebite team’s favourite Halloween campaigns from this year, and why we think they deserve a special mention.

Amazon: AR Halloween packages

This October, Amazon introduced Artificial Reality packages in celebration of the Halloween holiday, allowing recipients to customise and design their own Jack-o’-lantern via the company’s new interactive boxes.

Combined with Amazon’s AR app, customers have the ability to bring their artwork to life – a simple, clever, and low-cost way for people to celebrate Halloween!

Amazon - Try a spooktaculAR experience this Halloween

Marmite: Halloween Trick or Treat Jars

Just in time for Halloween, Marmite has released two on-brand, collectible trick or treat jars for a limited time only. The trick jar serves as a poison for the haters and the treat jar serves as a potion for the lovers of Marmite.

Marmite has stayed true to its brand, through playing on the ‘love it or hate it’ concept that they are very much known for – a great way to explore and have some fun with different messaging, as well as boosting sales and generating online and offline conversations.


(Image Credit: Marmite)

Kraken Rum: Screamfest 4

Rum brand, Kraken, has teamed up with Game of Thrones star, Iwan Rheon, to star in its new real-life video game, Screamfest 4. The game will have players controlling a tortured soul through a maze of puzzles and jump scares as they attempt to escape an amphibious monster.

Users will receive a survival pack that contains a game guide and ingredients to make a rum cocktail – a nice way of bringing the product to the consumer through immersion and theatrics when more traditional methods aren’t viable anymore!

Screamfest 4: The Kraken’s Revenge

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