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We had the pleasure of Sophie joining us from a local school last week and here she shares her Favourite World Cup 2018 Marketing Campaigns.

As the World Cup has rolled around again after four impatient years of waiting, in between watching all of the games, we have noticed some amazing, hilarious and clever marketing campaigns that are too good not to share…

Beats by Dre



I loved this heart-warming, fast-paced and humorous advert directed by Guy Ritchie about the inspiring backstories of famous players including Neymar Jr. and Harry Kane, who encourage a young boy in Russia to defeat his bullies. If this doesn’t persuade you to become a champion footballer, we don’t know what will.



This out of this world video showed the immense journey of drones carrying bottles of Budweiser from the distillery in the US to the World Cup stadiums in Russia. Our favourite part of the Budweiser campaign would have to be their light-up cups that glow to the sound of cheers – a great piece of experiential marketing whilst also celebrating your team scoring and enjoying a cold one, in our opinion!



The worst part about watching football is that you are always away from the TV (making tea?) when the match just begins to get exciting. Coca-Cola picked up on this and created this new visually exciting advert persuading us to grab their refreshing drink as our beverage of choice to help us celebrate the World Cup, whether it’s coming home or not…


Mcdelivery with Uber Eats

I was torn over this one – some found it humorous while others just plain awkward. Nonetheless it grabs the attention and made us all crave chicken nuggets and an icy McFlurry!



Lidl’s ‘Dream Big’ advert played to the classic combo of the hilarious conversation between small children and famous faces (in this case England footballers!), producing a charming video that we all adored.

Have you seen any other note-worthy campaigns when not fixed to your sofa watching the footy? If so, please share with us, by contacting us using @OnebiteComms !

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