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April is National Poetry Month, a celebration of poetry to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry. And as we reach the end of the month, we mark the occasion by sharing our team’s favourite poems. From the childhood funnies, to the tearjerkers – take a look at some of our most loved poems:

Kathryn, Senior Creative – My favourite poem is ‘It Couldn’t be Done’ by Edgar Albert Guest. I first heard it at the London 2012 Olympics and was totally inspired by it. I now have it on my kitchen cupboard and often read it.

Poems it couldn't be done

Sarah, Senior Creative – Some things stick with you the minute you hear them, and W.H.Auden’s ‘Funeral Blues’ did with me.

Ian, Creative Team Manager – My favourite poems have to be ‘Little Pippa’ and ‘Lobster’ by Spike Milligan.

Martin, Creative Director – My favourite is ‘Slough’ by Sir John Betjeman. It’s harsh but fair.

Rebecca, PR and Comms Senior Account Manager – It has to be ‘The Lobster-Quadrille’ from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I can’t help but love anything written by Carroll and this poem is just as odd as the rest of his imagining.

David, Director – For me it’s ‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley. I just love the sentiment that you’re in control of you, and that no matter how hard the circumstance you can fall back on the fact you’re the master of your ship – and that gives so much opportunity and hope. It was also famously Mandela’s inspiration whilst on Robben Island.

Poems Invictus

Claire, Finance and Office Manager – My favourite poem is unfortunately a bit depressing. It’s ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ by Wilfred Owen. I think it’s amazing and incredibly moving.

Georgina, PR and Comms Senior Account Executive – My favourite is ‘Blessing’ by Imtiaz Dharker. I love the powerful imagery and emotive language used.

Thea, Client Services Director – ‘To See a World’ by William Blake is my favourite poem because I love animals and agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of the poem.

George, Developer – My favourite poem is short and simple and it’s to do with pasties. What’s not to love? It is in fact a poem on the brown paper bag from Parsons Bakery in Newbury!

Poems parsons bakery

Liane, Senior Creative – My favourite is ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling

Jade, Agency Coordinator – My favourite poem is by Dallas Clayton. It’s short, sweet, and I just love the illustrations that accompany the poem.

Poems Dallas Clayton

Mark, PR and Comms Account Director – My favourite is TS Eliot’s ‘The Hollow Men’. Sadly, it’s most recognisable for its final dooming lines:

‘This the way the world ends
This is the way world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper’

Laura, Account Director – I also love ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling because it describes great principles to live by and it’s all about balance.

Lisa, Senior Account Manager – As a kid my favourite poem was ‘Us Two’ by A.A. Milne. My sister and I used to giggle a lot to it.

Tom, Director – My favourite poem is from when I was about six. It needs to be read in Autumn on the first day trudge back to school.

Poems First day back

Lily, Communications Manager – It’s most definitely ‘On the ning nang nong’ by Spike Milligan – it was my favourite poem when I was younger (still is). I used to be able to recite it constantly (still do) and I love Spike’s crazyness!

We’d love to know what your favourite poem is, and why, so let us know on Twitter using the hashtags #oneblog and #NationalPoetryMonth.

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