It’s a nice day for a… Royal Wedding!

Let’s be honest – everyone loves a wedding! So, when Harry and Meghan confirmed their engagement late last year, we started saving for a hat.

On May 19th, 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married, and whilst our invitations must have got lost in the post, we couldn’t help but notice the number of brands that had cleverly acknowledged the wedding.

Whilst Harry is now well and truly wed (sob!), we’ve turned our attention to the marketing campaigns that received our royal seal of approval…

Marks & Spencer’s
For three very special days, the renowned fashion store, Marks & Spencer’s, paid homage to the Royal Wedding by temporarily rebranding as ‘Markle & Sparkle’ for the weekend, whilst spectators of the wedding could tuck in to ‘The Proposal’ sandwich, a roast chicken sandwich with extra special packaging!

Across Social Media, IKEA published a lighthearted post featuring it’s IKEA Harry Chair with the caption “Don’t worry ladies, HARRY isn’t off the market. We promise.” The post received over 10k reactions, and 550 comments, with many IKEA fans across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in particular, praising IKEA for its efforts.

We’re partial to a bit of cake in the office, so unsurprisingly, we’ve also turned our attention to how food outlets and producers across the UK joined into the merriment!

First up is KFC, created by iris London and crafted by Milton China, which invited members of its loyalty scheme, the ‘Colonel’s Club’ to celebrate the wedding in style – via a chicken bucket “truly fit for royalty”. The limited edition, bone china bucket, demonstrated a perfect marriage of the finest English China with the fine flavour of the American South, and were produced and given away at KFC Windsor – what a souvenir for the grandchildren!

Tyrells, the posh British crisp brand, produced a limited-edition flavour ‘ginger & sparkle’ as a cheeky nod to Prince Harry’s red hair which we’re sure would have been a popular nibble at street parties taking place across the UK.

Similarly, Sausage brand, Hecks, also offered a limited-edition delicacy to the market, with their ‘Sweet Ginger and American Mustard’ flavoured sausage – a perfect way to toast the big day!

Did you come across any other marketing activities that caught your attention amongst the hype of the wedding? Don’t forget to share with us, we love a wedding, we do!

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