Introducing Special Agent Jane Bond…

We’ve recently been working on an ‘udderly’ exciting project…

Have you ever ‘herd’ of a Special Agent cow? Well, let us introduce Bond… Jane Bond. She’s the latest agent working for Mooi5 and the Royal British Legion, and is set to take part in the the World’s largest public art event, CowParade.

With support from Trak365, a company that provides wireless communications and asset tracking solutions, Jane is ‘uddertaking’ important training to help her prepare for her mission of safeguarding the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The transformation from an ordinary cow to a ‘Special Agent’ took place after Jane was transported to us by CTS Logistics. She arrived at onebite HQ to become suited and booted. Painted in a black tuxedo with gun barrel design, she proudly displays a poppy awarded to her by the Royal British Legion. Our friendly artist Helen Brady helped us get the paint on and she left our offices as a well-dressed Special Agent, ready for duty!

Over the course of the summer, Jane will be travelling around Surrey completing a series of training tasks. Her Trak365 tags alert her to water levels rising, changes in temperature and movement, and keeps her on course with the use of geo-fencing. As the latest recruit to Mooi5, she must undergo training from the latest to the most ancient techniques in combat where her tags will be increasingly helpful!

Once the CowParade has finished, at the end of the summer, and Jane’s training and missions are complete, she will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Royal British Legion.

Jane Bond

As well as developing the creative concept and designing Jane, we have also built a website and social media profiles on Twitter and Instagram, so Jane’s followers can be kept up to date with her missions.

For more information about Jane Bond, her missions and her visit to onebite, visit her website and explore her gallery:

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