Golden Globes 2019: the night that Fiji Water Girl was born

Golden Globes is an opportunity to celebrate the success of the actors and actresses who have excelled in films, documentaries and TV dramas throughout the past year.

Whilst this year’s award ceremony did just that, what got everyone talking was Fiji Water’s marketing stunt. Fiji Water has sponsored the Golden Globes since 2015 and according to Time Magazine this year the company teamed up with Matrix Model Staffing to gain more exposure at the ceremony.

Enter the ‘Fiji Water Girl’ 

The woman who has become known as the ‘Fiji Water Girl’, posed for the camera with Fiji Water bottles in-tow on the red carpet, standing behind stars including Jim Carey, Idris Elba and Dakota Fanning. Publication, The Drum reports that Getty was in on the stunt, as the majority of the images came from Getty photographer, Stefanie Keenan. At the time of writing, Getty were keeping quiet – though it will be interesting to keep an eye on any repercussions this may create! 

Social media platforms, Twitter and Instagram, took off during the ceremony and over 50,000 tweets were made about the stunt during the ceremony alone under the hashtag #Fijiwatergirl – she became a meme overnight. 

Depending on what Fiji Water wanted to achieve from the stunt will determine if the results are deemed a success but for other marketing companies and online commentators, lessons can be learnt from this on how to gain exposure at a Hollywood awards ceremony.

Whilst the Golden Globes was airing, television network and creator of the worldwide phenomenon Game of Thrones, HBO, took the opportunity to air a trailer of the new series showing footage from the Game of Thrones final season. We congratulate Game of Thrones for making the most of this prime-time opportunity to maximise the audience reach for the trailer. After all, timing and opportunity are two key ingredients that need to be thought about when putting together a marketing campaign and in 2019 we have learnt that Fiji Water and Games of Thrones do this very, very well. 

Author: Sarah-Jane Romain, Senior Account Executive at onebite

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Did you watch the Golden Globes? What do you think of the ‘Fiji Water Girl’ stunt, a great PR opportunity or stunt gone wrong? If you are keen to discuss the elements that make up a news worthy PR campaign, get in touch with us on

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