Bunny Business at onebite HQ

The Easter Bunny has visited onebite HQ once again and has led us on an egg-citing chocolate egg trail this morning, with treats dotted around the building for us to find.

But this year’s hunt came with a twist. It had become an Augmented Reality (AR) Game too.

At 9.30am everyone was sent an anonymous email with instructions – to download the AR mobile app Blippar and get hunting!

Each of the chocolate eggs had bunny images stuck to them. They served as the targets to scan using Blippar, which revealed secret messages and prizes.

Egg-ventually, Ian found the winning egg and received a 3D model of our very own onebite Easter Bunny via the app – and most importantly was the winner of an extra day’s holiday!

One of our Web Developers, Marcela Bohorquez, explains the technology behind the egg-travaganza: “This year’s extra special Easter Egg Hunt was made possible thanks to the maturity of AR platforms. They now allow us to create content using image recognition and provide the APIs and tools to add reality layers to our real world – all on our mobiles.

“Just like PokemonGo, AR experiences are triggered by location and image targets. We wanted our Easter Egg Hunt experience to be created for the browser, and although there are JavaScript APIs such as arjon.js or awe.js, access to the camera is not widely supported yet. Layar was then used as it’s a great option for building a data-driven experience with a PHP backend. But, rapidly the Easter Bunny realised the image analysis worked far better with Blippar – it was easy to test and quick to develop, and the onebite Easter Egg Hunt AR was born.

“AR and VR (Virtual Reality) offer a transformative way of viewing either a computer-generated world or a world where digitally rendered graphics are overlaid on the ‘real world’. And at onebite, this really excites us. Current predictions suggest the spend on AR and VR is expected to grow over the next few years and more importantly, consumers are increasingly adopting the technology. Mobile phones will soon include hardware level AR, which will open the door to the creation of more powerful AR mobile applications and the possibility of using AR in the mobile browser is expected to be a widely supported reality very soon.”

To hear more from us on the topic of VR stay tuned for a wrap-up of the VR World Congress event that we attended this week, or see our Twitter stream for live tweets from the show.

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