Summer lovin’ had me a blast!

The summer of 2019 has certainly been an eventful one here at onebite, and we thought we would take this opportunity to reflect on the past couple of months; looking at some of our onebiters key achievements, milestones and experiences this summer.

A trip of a lifetime

Most of us have a holiday bucket list, right? Taking time out from our busy day-to-day lives to spend quality time with family and friends can relieve stress, make you feel more relaxed and promote happiness all around! Visiting your dream destination is a highly rewarding experience and this summer, our Account Director, Tracy, was lucky enough to tick a very exciting location off her bucket list!

Tracy said “G’day” to the world down under and spent three weeks travelling around Australia on her family holiday. The trip included a visit to Sydney, seeing all the top sites before heading north to Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. The highlight of the trip was flying over the Great Barrier Reef by helicopter – now that certainly something to brag about!

A helping hand at Glastonbury

The summer months are also peak time for festivals, with music fans around the country heading out to enjoy the very best live music in the UK. It is estimated that around four million Brits will be packing up their tents and wellies and attending various festivals throughout the UK this summer and our Senior Web Developer, (and frequent festival attendee) George, was one of them.

George wanted to do more than just attend Glastonbury festival this year. When the 2019 tickets started coming out, George and his girlfriend applied to do charity work for Youth With A Future – a charity that has been set up in response to the growing youth homelessness issue in Mendip, Somerset. Now that is a truly rewarding Glastonbury experience that won’t be forgotten.

Home sweet home

The purchase of your first home is probably one of the biggest investments you will ever make, and while making the leap from tenant to a homeowner is a big one – both financially and emotionally, it is certainly one that comes with heaps of satisfaction – which is something our Web Developer, Ant experienced this summer. Ant successfully moved into his very own flat in July, just in time for the UK heatwave.

Mr and Mrs

Getting engaged is an extremely happy time! Planning a wedding, however, can often be a particularly overwhelming and stressful period. It takes a lot of organisation, endless lists and spreadsheets to keep everything on track – thankfully that suits one particular onebiter, very well.

Our Account Director, Vicki, successfully juggled various plates and planned her dream wedding this summer. Vicki tied the knot in June and enjoyed a mini-moon in Chewton Glen before jetting off for two weeks of sunshine, relaxation and plenty of wine in Amalfi, Italy. Jealous much?

 Who let the dogs out?

Studies have shown that interaction with animals can significantly relieve stress in humans, as well as being excellent companions and man’s best friend. Here at onebite, we are all avid animal lovers, and this summer, our Senior Creative, Donna, welcomed adorable bulldog, Hank, to onebite’s growing ‘onepup’ family!

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