Five minutes with Sian, Communications Executive

Sian is the latest onebiter to join the team as our Communications Executive. By day Sian manages a number of our social media clients and by night she can be found working out at her local gym.

What’s your favourite social channel and why?

I’m an Instagram girl. I love how visual and eye-catching it is. You can look back on your account and see a timeline of your favourite moments and I love the discover function, which lets you find accounts, companies and people I may never have come across otherwise. A close second is Pinterest – it’s so good if you’re looking for inspiration!

What’s been a career highlight to date?

My career highlight was completing my CIM last year. I’d passed the first two modules and was at Bestival when the result of my final module was due to come out. I had very little Internet connection or phone signal so was running around the festival site trying to access my emails! I didn’t let the rain and mud stop me from celebrating my distinction!

Do you have any hidden talents?

According to my friends, I have a lot of strange talents, but the most surprising is probably my love for hula hooping! I think we need one in the office to celebrate little wins we have throughout the week!

And finally, describe yourself in three words…

Social, bubbly, loveable.

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