5 minutes with…Mark

In today’s ‘5 minutes with…’ we speak to our Head of Content and Account Director, Mark, to find out why he decided to work in Public Relations and Content, and why he keeps an eye on Twitter!


So Mark, did you always want to work in PR and Comms?

When I finished studying English Literature at University, I had no real plan of what I was going to do afterwards. I actually became a games tester initially, which is great fun when it comes to games you are interested in, but perhaps less so when you are testing educational software for under 5s!

After a company restructure took place – and after I had had enough of pre-school software products – my eyes were opened to the world of PR. I spotted an opportunity for a PR executive role at the company, and after doing my research I realised I already had many of the skills it required. I joined an enterprise B2B PR agency that took a chance on me when I had no experience which was an investment for them but it was great for me. I’ve been in the world of Public Relations ever since.


You manage and write for a number of our B2B tech clients, what do you enjoy most about your role?

The reading, the research and the relationships. Research and reading are essential for me, I need to be able to arrange press briefings, write content and identify opportunities with the right people, on the right topics in the right places. That means keeping up with industry developments and seeing what is taking place.

I particularly enjoy taking a client angle on a story, and translating this into something that will truly capture the interest of a journalist. You have to be able to build on messaging and turn it into a story.

Building relationships with the press is critical, and Twitter is a good tool to use to try and understand the different people and personalities you are speaking with. Some journalists will work in the moment, some months in advance, you have to adapt to them and their needs. A sense of humour helps here – you will soon find out who thinks in the same way as you, who doesn’t, and who is good fun to work with.


What do you like to do to relax outside of work?

I play guitar and I’m guilty of spending far too long listening to podcasts when I travel into work. The problem is, sometimes it means I’m not listening to music (which I love) so it’s often a fine balance between listening to one thing and making time for another.


And finally, what three words best describe you?

Verbose, curious and sarky… but only on my Twitter account 😉

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