5 minutes with… Kate

Senior Account Manager, Kate, joins us for a cuppa to share her advice for anyone looking for a role in marketing, and why it’s important to remain open-minded and creative in every task you face.

So Kate, did you always want to work in marketing? 

Actually, no! I completed an Events Management degree at University, at the time ‘party planning’ sounded like the best thing ever. During my degree, I had many marketing modules (because of course now I know that Event Management and Marketing quite often go hand-in-hand). I found that not only did I thoroughly enjoy these modules, far more than the event modules, but I was actually pretty good at them too. In my final year, I got a job as a Sales Executive in a local creative marketing agency. Whilst the sales role wasn’t for me, I gained a real taste of agency life and I was hooked! When I left Uni, I went straight into looking for an entry-level job in an agency environment. I started in an affiliate agency, and that led me to where I am today!

What advice would you give someone looking for a career in marketing?

Don’t be deterred if you don’t have the qualifications or experience initially. I had to knock on many doors before someone could see that my skills were transferrable and give me a chance.
Outside of that, many marketers can be very narrow-minded in their approach, only using ‘what has always worked’ or is ‘tried and tested’, which can actually really restrict a company’s potential brand and selling power. I’d say to always be open-minded and creative, looking outside of the box to create new and exciting ways of engaging customers.

What is your favourite social channel and why?

Without a doubt, Instagram. I personally don’t post a huge amount on it, however, its selling power is IMMENSE. The power of the influencer on this platform is on another level, and the gravitas and engagement of the ads is just amazing. It’s a powerhouse for sure and a marketers dream.

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