5 minutes with… Donna

As Senior Digital Creative, what is the most challenging part of your role?

In this industry, if you are standing still, you are falling behind. So the main challenge is to constantly try and expand my knowledge, skillset and designs. I also try to anticipate technological change, adapt to it, master it, excel, whilst being open to new influences, all in a very short space of time.

What advice would you give someone looking for a career in creative design?

My top six tips would be:

  • Don’t be shy, show your creative energy, and passion.
  • Don’t undervalue your work.
  • Seek criticism, not praise.
  • Always keep learning & don’t be a static learner: do this by reading books, magazines, blogs and by practising. – Collect & share things.
  • Never give up

And the most important piece of advice would be: Love the whole design process from the beginning to the end.

What inspires you?

Inspiration is all around us, everywhere we go, every day. I am always looking at other designers work and ideas. If I had to name one designer that stands out and inspires me it would be Noma Bar.

Bittersweet Noma BarNoma Bar Biker Mercedes Benz

If you had to choose a company for stand out branding, who would it be and why?

Without a doubt, this would have to be The V&A. Starting with the logo, it stands out for being so elegant, classical and yet simple in design. I love how they mix modern design with the use of colour. Whenever I see an exhibition advertised, it instantly has me reminiscing of a recent visit and leaves me planning my next.


And finally, describe yourself in three words…

Fun, Inspired and Creative

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