5 minutes with… Avril

What drew you to work for a fast-paced marketing agency like onebite?

My first job out of university was in an agency, I love the varied projects and working closely with my clients to achieve their marketing objectives. There will always be an unexpected request and it gives you the opportunity to learn something new and challenge yourself.

You recently attended an ‘Account Based Marketing’ training course, what was the best take home?

ABM is in essence the alignment of marketing and sales functions to ensure you are targeting the correct accounts through a tailored campaign. I think my most interesting take home is how many of our clients could be utilising this approach to increase their customer or partner acquisition.

You have expertise in digital marketing, how do you keep up to date with the latest trends and tools?

Try and read about the topic as much as possible!

If you could predict the future for digital marketing, what would it be?

The most interesting thing about digital is that it is constantly evolving. Currently there is a huge focus around digital content and video marketing, however, the current trend for convenience means that more and more is going to be possible online. We rely heavily on digital day to day – it was reported in 2018 that something like 16 percent of Americans (around 39 million people) owned a smart speaker. The use of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence leads to a huge potential in the marketing space with the utilisation of data and making your campaigns completely tailored to the individual that then sees it.

And finally, describe yourself in three words…

Ambitious, Conscientious & Fun (or at least I like to think so!)

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