Back to School: Our favourite campaigns

We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Phoebe to onebite this week whilst she’s on her summer break from De Montfort University. Here she shares her favourite Back to School 2018 Marketing Campaigns.

It’s that time of the year again… to drag your unwilling child around the shops until you’ve found the perfect pair of shoes and a jumper two sizes too big because “they’ll grow into it”. The question is are you ready and is your patience ready too?!

We certainly know the shops are ready as we’ve noticed the back to school marketing campaigns hitting our screens and stores and them all stocking up on lunch boxes, uniform, and stationery.

Here are some of our favourite campaigns we have spotted over the past month…



This humorous advert from Matalan highlights the rough and tumble kids go through at school and what their clothes have to adjure along with them (as well as mum’s washing machine!) I love how fast-paced the advert is, showing the adventures and mischief kids get up to at school, whilst promoting the quality of Matalan’s school uniforms.



I love this comical advert by Argos, highlighting how difficult it can be to organise your kids in the morning – a military operation in fact! My favourite bit of this hilarious advert is when Mum realises that the dreaded school project has been forgotten and takes the leap of faith out of the aeroplane – all with the help of Argos!



Clarks has introduced Measuring Zone appointments in its stores around the UK to help beat the ‘Back to School’ rush. Now you can find the perfect shoes and avoid the queues. This really helps to make the dreaded ‘Back to School’ shop speedier than ever before and encourages parents through Clarks’ doors.



This fun and colourful advert from the US department store, Target, is definitely going to catch the audience’s eye whilst sat on the sofa. I love how it captures the excitement of going back to school with your new school belongings. This creative and bright campaign certainly stands out from the rest.

What are your favourite ‘Back to School’ campaigns? We’d love to hear from you at onebite – feel free to share them with us on Twitter – @onebitecomms

By Phoebe Shaw

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