A love letter to technology: surviving social distancing

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We have all read the recent headlines in the news and all over our Twitter feeds; COVID-19 has left us all self-isolating and working from home with one saving grace – technology.

Without it we would be listening to fallen leaves tussling against a trash can and missing out on a lot of work.

Video communications tools such as Zoom have quickly become the new boardroom and have been pushed into the forefront of our minds and lives as more and more companies are shutting their doors and working from home. Face to face meetings are currently a thing of the past.

At onebite, we use Zoom every day for our daily catch ups where we discuss our projects, home schooling, the launch of Disney+ as well as what everyone is doing to stay active and sane each day.

Zoom has also quickly morphed into a social networking tool as many people log in for virtual wine tastings, dinner parties and work outs in an attempt to stay connected during this tumultuous time.

And they are not the only company on hand to help. Companies such as Microsoft and 8×8 are listening to their customers, putting them ahead of profits and making their services more accessible, either by increasing their service or making it free for all; making it part of their get-well initiative.

Wellness apps like Headspace and Balance are also offering free subscriptions for businesses, medical staff and teachers. Many fitness apps and online work out classes are also available to the public, free of charge; helping the public stay mentally and physically healthy.

Social network, House Party, has also had a resurgence in popularity since its launch in 2016 with an increase in people receiving texts from friends urging them to download the app and join the virtual party. House Party has quickly become the app everyone logs into in the evening with a glass of wine in one hand and their phone in the other – in fact, the average user spends 51 minutes at a time on the app!

Other media platforms have also done their part to make social distancing feel less lonely by enabling screen sharing / co -watching technology so friends can browse posts together or watch shows together.

Technology has literally become a lifeline, connecting us all and turning social distancing into distant socialising. As this becomes the new normal, we must keep calm and carry on watching Netflix.

Author: Mary Raftopoulos, Junior Account Manager

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