5 minutes with…Franki

New Account Executive, Franki, discusses her most rewarding career moment to date, why she (finally) chose a career in marketing and what makes Twitter the superior social platform in her opinion…

Did you always want to work in Marketing?

No, although my mum always told me I’d be great in a marketing role. I studied Film Production at university for about 6 months before I realised it just wasn’t for me, despite my flare for the creative. I dropped out to do an apprenticeship in Business Administration with a digital marketing company and I’ve been in love with the industry ever since! Always listen to your mum.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

I think I changed my mind on this all the time. I remember wanting to be an actress, a zookeeper, the owner of an independent coffee shop, an ecologist…the list goes on. However, my life goal is and always has been to be a published book author. Whether or not I’ll ever make the time to do that is a whole different story – pun intended.


What is your favourite social platform and why?

I’m an avid fan of any and every social platform but my favourite is definitely Twitter. It’s a bit of an eagle eye on the world from so many different perspectives: media, friends, influencers and strangers from across the globe alike. Plus, there are some really funny videos on there!


What is your most rewarding moment in your career to date?

To date, my marketing career has been rather short. However, the most rewarding moment has been a client piece that took me over 100 hours of overtime…and it was worth it! The client loved what had been done and how it had been turned around in less than 2 weeks. That was stressful but definitely quite the achievement.

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