5 mins with…Carlos!

We are pleased to announce that we’ve on-boarded Carlos Powell who has joined onebite as our Project & Operations Manager. We grab a virtual cuppa with Carlos, where he shares why he always wanted to work in Marketing!

Did you always want to work in marketing?

Well, my very first job was within marketing and even though I moved between sales and account management for the next ten years, I always looked back at marketing as a possible career path. I liked the variety of the role and the impact the work can have on a company’s brand.

That aside, I am also a qualified personal trainer and have always wanted to start coaching boxing , so that’s on the cards at some point.

What do you enjoy most about working at onebite? 

I enjoy the team’s friendliness and support, the vision of where the business wants to go, and the fantastic end result we create for our clients. This is my third marketing role and I can safely say that we are a step above the others in terms of the creative designs and innovative digital builds that we can deliver. 

Do you have any adventures planned?

Life as a whole is an adventure! I’ve learnt to expect the unexpected, but in terms of travel for now, possibly Egypt or somewhere in the Middle East as I haven’t visited either yet. 

And finally, what are the three things that you couldn’t live without? 

My family, money, and a purpose. Material things can be bought along the way. ☺

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