5 mins with…Becky!

We’re excited to announce the appointment of Becky Cooper, who has joined onebite as an Account Executive working across both PR & Comms and Client Services. Fresh out of university, we sit down with Becky for a quick catch up, where we learn about her latest hobby, why she wrote about Instagram in her dissertation and what she’s most excited about in her new role!

Congratulations on starting at onebite! What are you most looking forward to?
Thank you! I’m so pleased to be joining such a fantastic team. Having just finished studying at university I am very much looking forward to kickstarting my career in marketing and starting a new journey of discovery within PR and Comms.

What is your favourite social channel and why? 
I am a big fan of Instagram and find it a really interesting platform. I wrote my dissertation on Instagram and how it can be a dangerous place for young females but it is also a fantastic way to advertise in the modern day and stay connected with friends.

Did you always want to work in marketing? 
Since I was 16 I always knew I wanted to work somewhere within the media sector (broad I know). Whilst studying Media, Communications and Advertising at university I discovered I wanted to go down the marketing route and I feel very lucky to be starting this career journey at onebite!

How do you like to spend your time outside of work? 
I love socialising (especially after the pandemic!) so I enjoy travelling to see my friends for dinner/drinks. I am also a lover of the outdoors and enjoy walking, horse riding and my most recent hobby is paddle boarding!

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