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Why now’s the time to say “yes” to a free marketing consultation

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The past 12 months has bought an experience none of us will forget. But, with experience comes knowledge, learnings and transformations. 2021 holds a lot of hope. Hope for a full vaccination roll-out, hope for life to resume to normal and hope for our businesses, livelihoods and economy to regain stability.

No doubt your business has reviewed, analysed and renewed its strategy for the year ahead. Taking into account the new behaviours consumers and the world have adopted during our time in a crisis. While we have every confidence your strategy is on the money, we want to let you know our team is here to look over your plans with fresh eyes – for free.

Here’s why we believe now’s the time to say “yes” to a free marketing consultation for your business:

Digital-first is here to stay. You need to stand out.

Digital marketing and social media have been part of marketing strategies for years. Yet, in 2021 it’s an area that’s going to be bigger than ever. Emails, social media, apps and virtual events are digital forms of communication that now dominate all of our lives – even late adopters.

Social media is the top channel for purchasing in B2C and B2B markets. And, with 25% of businesses confirming they plan to spend more on this area in 2021, the already crowded space is about to get even more crowded.

Brands and businesses that succeed from here on in will be those that find a way to stand out with their online communications. Are you confident your digital strategy will be enough to cut through the noise? If not, ask our marketing experts to look over your plans for free. We’ll highlight any gaps to ensure you take your sales and engagement figures up a notch.

Are you ready for the passion economy?

Another area trend predictors didn’t see coming so soon was the dramatic rise of the ‘conscious consumer’. The pandemic highlighted what really matters – looking after the world and the people in it. Sustainability, corporate social responsibility, diversity and circular economies are subjects that will hold a strong importance in 2021 (and beyond). Customers have become wiser and are no longer content with a nod to climate issues using organic or recyclable materials. They want transparency, detailed information and to feel good about their purchases.

Andreessen Horowitz, the venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, California, spoke about the ‘passion economy’ in 2020. The concept came from people having more time to indulge in their deep interests and passions while locked down in their homes. The movement means to connect with customers – and we mean really connect – you need to tap into their emotions, desires and obsessions. Nailing this is not easy, especially when you’ve worked in a business for a long time. Long-standing routines and habits are difficult to change. So, why not take up our offer of a free consultation to see your strategy from an outsider’s point of view? Sometimes all it takes is for someone to see things differently.

All eyes are on you.

2021 has a promising vaccination programme lined up and the world’s hanging its hat on the roll-out to bring a positive end to the year. If your business is one of the lucky few to ride out the pandemic storm so far, internal departments are no doubt motivated and driven to claw back any losses.

The complete digital shift means the marketing function has a spotlight on it. 2021 will be the year to show top bosses the importance of marketing and why it needs to be at the core of everything. Jabmo’s CEO, Nick Heys highlights the opportunity for marketers in his comment: “For me, this is the best time to be a B2B marketer. It’s not only B2B marketing’s opportunity, but it’s B2B marketing’s responsibility to take back control of the buying cycle.”

No pressure, but all eyes are on your marketing operations this year. To help you grab the opportunity with both hands, we’re here to support with a free (no obligation) marketing consultation. Our experts can review your plans, give feedback and share ideas. What have you got to lose?

Ready? Book your free marketing consultation with us today.

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