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Top strategies to enhance a B2B digital experience

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The traditional B2B sales approach is dying out. Today’s digital-first buyers prefer more immersive online experiences where the content is tailored towards their needs.

One study found that just 19% of buyers want to connect with a salesperson during the awareness stage of the buying process. It’s estimated that by 2025, no less than 80% of B2B sales interaction will happen in digital channels.

So, with the digital trend on the rise, here are some of the most effective ways of maximising your digital capabilities in 2022.

The digital experience

The importance of the user journey

Covid has accelerated our desire for digital. As a result, 68% of modern-day buyers have elevated expectations of companies’ digital capabilities.

One of the most effective ways to meet their expectations is to adapt the user journey to meet their needs.

It’s important to remember that outside of their day jobs, B2B buyers are consumers too. And consumers expect a seamless online shopping experience.

For that reason, your user journey should be simple, easy to use, and transparent.

Not sure what to focus on first? Recent research found that the top three turn-offs with supplier websites were:

  • A lengthy ordering process
  • Difficult to find products
  • A glitchy ordering process

Content creation

Create dynamic and accessible experiences

Buyers want easy access to compelling content. Whether it’s product information or thought leadership, create content that adds value, provides information, and helps people trust your brand. 

The best blueprint for your B2B content strategy is to research your target audience’s personas, pain points, and needs. Creating content that directly addresses these issues by providing the information they need to make a decision will increase engagement and provide a positive customer experience.

Another thing to consider is personalised experiences across your digital touchpoints, which 77% of B2B sales and marketing professionals believe can help to build better customer relationships

Collecting customer data helps you understand their preferences and behaviours. This empowers you to create tailored content based on information such as their buying history and distinguishes you from your competitors.

Keep content fresh and topical

With 94% of B2B buyers completing online research before making a business purchase, it’s important you’re generating a steady flow of relevant content.

The keyword there is ‘relevant’. Your digital content should have a purpose and add value and not be content for the sake of content.

In a noisy marketplace, well-crafted, topical content will rise to the top and find an audience.

The power of feedback

Collect immediate feedback

Who is the best user group for your digital marketing strategy? Your existing customers.

Inviting them to provide instant feedback is a sure-fire way to discover how to make things even better next time.

As you may have been nurturing your customers for some time, you can utilise that relationship to ask for feedback. Whether it’s face to face, an online survey, or live chat, the more you put into collating the feedback, the more you’ll get out of it.

If people are reluctant at first, simply explain that discovering what they want from their digital experiences will directly benefit them in the future! 

Looking to enhance your B2B digital experience with original, pioneering digital marketing assets? Get in touch to discuss how we bring digital to life.

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