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Top five SEO tips to focus on in 2020

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In today’s rapidly shifting digital world, the SEO landscape can change on a daily basis. As we enter a new decade, we take a look at the top five SEO tips to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and outpace the competition.

Quality content

Bill Gates once said, “Content is King”, and this certainly is still the case when it comes to SEO. As well as optimising your content correctly, the content you write and publish to your website needs to be valuable to users and relevant to your site. High quality content will keep users on your site longer, lower your bounce rate and give your users something worth reading. All of this will contribute positively to your user experience and SEO.


Links are to the Internet, what cars are to humans; they help us get us from A to B. Inbound links to your website from other sites will help Google find yours, and especially links from highly reputable and relevant sites are the best kind you can have for a positive impact on your SEO. Internals links within your site are really important to help your users and Google bots navigate your site easily. In addition to this, make sure that your links are clear as to where they are taking your users to, don’t be afraid to link new blogs to older ones and definitely fix any broken links you find to avoid bots getting lost.

Bounce rate

We’ve all been there, enter a search term on Google, click on one of the links presented to you and the page you land on just isn’t what you were looking for, so you hit the back button without interacting with that site at all. This is called a ‘Bounce’, and this tells Google that you did not find the page relevant and so has a negative effect on your SEO ranking for that term.

Alternatively, if a user lands on your page and spends a long time on your site, this shows Google your site is relevant and improves your ranking. This brings us back to making sure your site has high quality content, but it is also a good idea to monitor your pages for high bounce rates, and check for ways you can improve these pages to make them more relevant to the terms they are ranking for.

Social signals

Whilst linking from your social media accounts to your site does direct traffic to your website, the value of those links is not the same as links from other authoritative websites because of the volume of links added to those sites.

However, what does seem to have a positive effect on SEO rankings for sites through social media, are pages that get more shares on social networks. So not only is it a good idea to have a social media presence to interact with your users directly through these channels, but you should also think about making it as easy as possible for them to share your content directly from your website.

Mobile optimised

When you are looking at page speed optimisation, mobile speed is an even more important area to focus on. If your site does not load fast or render correctly on mobile devices, then your site can be penalised, and this will negatively impact your SEO rankings. Google switched to mobile-first indexing in 2018; prioritising its mobile optimised sites in its results pages across mobile and desktop. Therefore, it has never been more important for your site to work as best as possible on mobile.

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