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This year’s Christmas campaigns that have us talking

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It is that festive time of year again, with the annual release of heart-warming adverts to get us truly in the Christmas spirit. Every year, each brand fights for the top spot to be ranked the most sentimental and successful Christmas advert of the year.

So, what seasonal adverts get our onebite vote? We have compiled some of the team’s favourite Christmas campaigns of 2019 and why we think they are worthy of a special mention above any others:


IKEA released its first ever Christmas advert, titled ‘Silence the Critics’ which aims to encourage people to overcome ‘home shame’ when hosting guests over the festive season.

Taking on a completely different angle than ever before, IKEA’s campaign intends to inspire us all to get our homes party-ready and ignore those negative voices in our heads. To tie in with the launch of their Christmas campaign, IKEA is also hosting a series of in-store events, showing customers how easy it is to get their home party-ready, from an array of virtual reality makeovers, to Christmas ‘Treetorials’ and hosting hacks. We salute IKEA for going against the norm and amplifying a human subject we can all relate to.

Hafod Hardware

An independent hardware store in Wales is rivalling the likes of John Lewis with its very own heart-warming advert which was made for just £100. Two-year old Arthur Lewis Jones is the star of the two-minute video which shows him sweeping, filling shelves and serving customers at the family-run Hafod Hardware. The advert has been going down a storm and has truly gone viral; approximately receiving 100,000 views a day on YouTube and social channels.

The only expenditure for the advert was the music license, which was a cover of Alphaville’s 1984 hit of ‘Forever Young’. This just goes to show that not every brand needs big budgets to compete for the top spot.

John Lewis

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the nation eagerly waiting for the John Lewis advert to launch onto our screens to kick off the festive season – and this year was no exception. Having been the front-runner for the last few years, it was no surprise that this year’s John Lewis and Partners Christmas campaign stole the hearts of many.

The advert follows the adventures of ‘Excitable Edgar’, a young and overexcited dragon who cannot control the flames from his mouth. It all comes to a head when he ruins the village’s grand Christmas tree unveiling, causing him to retreat. However, his best friend brings him back into the fold when he lights a Christmas pudding for the villagers, much to their delight.

The advert gets a big thumbs up from us, as it has a sense of nostalgia, and promotes the need for giving, hope and forgiveness. This year in particular, John Lewis has emphasised more focus on digital channels, by introducing new emojis and Snapchat filters as well as in-store activations, truly delivering a multichannel, engaging campaign which appeals to a much wider audience than ever before. 


Author: Rhianna MacGregor, Account Manager

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