The Marketing Road to Rio

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As the Rio Olympic Games 2016 kick off, we look at some of the best campaigns marketers have put together in the run up to the event.

Of course, we can’t mention the Olympics without mentioning the legacy of the London 2012 Games four years ago – and the success companies and brands can have when the world’s attention is focused on a global event.

This year’s Olympic Games have been no different, and here are our favourite campaigns so far…

Mini USA: “Defy Labels”

Mini USA defy labels

Continuing the campaign it introduced at the Super Bowl, Mini has upped its game with a more political tone in the lead up to Rio.

In its ‘Defy Labels’ campaign, Mini turns its focus to confronting labels, with big names such as Ibtihaj Muhammed and Serena Williams, discussing why it’s important to defy convention and forage your own path. The campaign emphasises that the only label that matters is ‘Olympian’.

As the producer of unique cars that often stand out from the crowd, Mini’s campaign couldn’t be a better fit for its brand.

Channel 4: “We’re the Superhumans”

Channel 4 we are the superhumans

Featuring a cast of more than 140 Paralympic athletes along with disabled musicians and members of the public, Channel 4’s ‘We’re the Superhumans’ campaign celebrates the abilities of people living with a range of impairments.

The campaign aims to change the conversation around disability – and it has absolutely achieved that, having been referred to as one of the ‘most successful campaigns ever’. It’s a powerful advert that achieved 24 million views online in just a week before even reaching the television screen.

National Lottery: “I Am Team GB”

National lottery I am team GB

The National Lottery’s Olympic campaign encourages the nation to take part in the country’s biggest sports day and to buy a lottery ticket to help create funding for sport in the UK.

The use of the phrase, ‘You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to be part of Team GB’ creates a sense of unity in the build up to the Games and urges everyone to get behind Team GB and support them.

P&G: “Thank you, Mom”

P and G thank you mom

Probably the biggest tear jerker in our round-up of Rio 2016 marketing campaigns, P&G have tugged on the heart strings in this emotional advert.

As we approach two weeks of sport, national pride and, hopefully, celebration, P&G reminds us of the people – or person – who always tries to inspire us and our nation’s athletes along the way – Mum.

Kellogg’s: “Great Starts”

Kellogg great starts

Team GB’s sponsor, Kellogg’s, has launched its ‘Great Starts’ campaign in the lead up to Rio 2016 to shine a spotlight on the British morning routine and the importance of a healthy breakfast.

With the help of previous Team GB Olympians, Sir Steve Redgrave, Rebecca Adlington and Louis Smith, Kellogg’s asks the public to share the start to their day using the hashtag #GreatStarts – and offers the chance of winning a trip to the Games in Rio.

We hope you enjoyed these inspiring campaigns as much as we did – let the games begin!

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