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The 10 biggest graphic design trends of 2019

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2019 was another breakthrough year for design innovation. Understanding how styles are changing and evolving ensures we stay ahead of the curve and offer the best outputs for our clients. Here, we take a look back and combine the hottest graphic design trends of 2019.

Pops of vivid colour

As brands fought to grab people’s attention and standout against the competition, vivid colour palettes became more and more popular.

Strong typographic focal points

Bold fonts project strength, innovation, and individuality. In 2019, we saw bold typography take centre stage in numerous designs.

Mainstream futuristic influences

Geometric shapes, futuristic colour palettes and abstract patterns were all the rage.

New colourful minimalism

This year we saw the rise in a new colourful minimalism, so we should expect to see more pops of colour as we move into 2020 and beyond.

Authentic and genuine stock photos

We saw less professional and stock focussed imagery, instead this year we saw more images that looked like they were taken with someone’s mobile phone or personal camera.

Bookman and oldstyle serifs

With generic, sans-serif typefaces being the face of nearly every global company, brands gradually brought back some emotion in the form of serif typefaces, often in bookman, oldstyle or transitional styles.

Retro Human Illustration

This year we saw a lot of more exaggerated proportions and unrealistic colouring, making a delightful alternative to generic stock photos.

The Memphis

We saw a surge of popularity in The Memphis design trend in 2019, which focusses on a rebellion against strict grids and meticulously arranged elements, often using patterns reminiscent of the 80’s, Art Deco, Pop Art and 1950’s Kitsch.

Complex gradients

There was a shift towards vivid, dreamy colour palettes and subtle shading, adding unreal depth to illustrations that would have otherwise remained flat.

Abstract shapes and geometry

We saw a noticeable trend in colourful, geometric anamorphous shapes, conveying a sense of playfulness and creativity.

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