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Sorry London, but Newbury is now the leading tech hub of the UK

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According to an article published by The Independent, Newbury is leading Britain’s tech boom, with the highest ‘digital density’ in the whole of the UK, as companies seek to expand beyond the typical London border. This result comes after astonishing growth in the technology sector, with UK tech workers heading to the Thames Valley area to expand established enterprises as well as nurture developing tech companies.

Newbury, in particular, has been highlighted for its extensive tech footprint and booming economy, and with a digital tech density 15 times higher than the UK average, it is no wonder the Berkshire town is a key location for tech business growth.

The digital tech industry is powering the evolvement of local economies for not just the Thames Valley, but for the whole of the UK. Latest reports have shown that the UK’s digital tech sector is accelerating faster than the rest of the economy; emphasising the industry’s significant financial strength. In fact, the industry is said to be expanding two and a half times faster, which proves how the digital tech industry is one of the best performing sectors in the UK.

Location, location, location

Several established technology leaders have already made their home in the Thames Valley; with the likes of Vodafone, Microfocus and Oracle, as well as Sony and Huawei, all settled nicely into life outside the London bubble.

And it doesn’t just stop there. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the emergence of start-up culture outside of the capital. Approximately 75 new companies launch every hour in the UK, and with more and more start-ups now being located outside of London, it is refreshing to see that businesses and entrepreneurs are thriving, fully taking advantage of the technology and global connections outside of the city.

With the Thames Valley area being primely positioned along the M4 corridor, it gives the opportunity for both established tech companies and start-ups to reach an entire network of customers, partners and potential prospects.

Right in our sweet spot

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