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PR: Five ways to amplify your brand story in the crowded technology space

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From AI to IoT, emerging technologies are booming. Whilst this is great for the industry, the fierce competition makes it harder for businesses to get noticed. This blog post looks at why a compelling brand story is critical to resonate with your audience.

Emerging technology companies create some of the smartest products with the most benefits. Yet, without the right PR efforts telling the right stories in the right places these businesses can be overlooked. It’s easy to understand why. The PR world moves at a fast pace, but the tech PR world moves even faster. Innovation in the industry is happening all of the time with new tech brands, businesses and products launching almost daily. It means there are plenty of stories for journalists’ to fill their features with. If you don’t stand out from the crowd your news will be deleted from their inbox.

Too often, there can be a temptation to adapt your story around your competitors, particularly when done in reaction to the latest content they have posted, but this approach risks losing sight of your real story and all that is genuine and meaningful to your brand and your customers.

Getting your story right can make a real difference to your bottom line. We’ve worked with some of the fastest growing tech brands and understand how to make journalists, analysts, and customers sit up and take notice of you.

Here are my top tech PR tips to ensure you get the attention you deserve.

Be distinctive

Develop a clear USP, messaging and define your brand values to help you create an identifiable story that differentiates you from your competition.

Think ‘point of view’ not ‘hard sell’

Consider how you can utilise case studies, internal data, experts, spokespeople and predictions to offer a point of view to breaking news stories or industry trends.  Thought leadership is one of the most effective ways of telling your story and establishing your brand as credible.

Exploit your back story

Behind nearly every business, solution or product launch, there is a catalyst moment, a reason why it was born and the story that takes us up to today. In an era of transparency and authenticity, it is what differentiates you and helps to make your story more relatable, real and compelling.

Collaborate to gain credibility by association

The launch of any technology brings with it the challenge of how to quickly establish integrity. Partnering with trusted influencers – both organisations and individuals – can help expedite this by letting your story be told by those who have already earned the trust of their followers.

One size does not fit all

This is especially true now more than ever as the media has become increasingly fragmented. Understand where your audiences are, which influencers they are following, what content they are consuming and in what format.  With these insights create relevant customised content to tell your story and be part of the conversation. A more targeted approach allows you to craft a much more relevant story and message that helps people get behind your brand, understand your product and turn into advocates.

Want ideas about how to amplify your brand story? Get in touch via hello@onebite.co.uk. We’d love to chat with you.

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