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Our key take outs from MAD Fest London 2019

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This month, we attended MAD Fest London which brings together a mixture of marketers, start-ups, disruptors and key industry experts, who share insightful content, the latest digital trends and technology innovations.

We fully immersed ourselves in the talks which caught our attention the most, and we have listed our key take outs below: 

Going the extra step with personalisation

We attended a very insightful talk by Igor Volzhanin, CEO at Datasine, on how using AI and psychology can help craft really effective personalised content. Marketers nowadays truly understand the importance of personalised marketing and communications; however, this takes it the extra mile and looks at the person as an individual, and if they are more of an introvert or an extrovert. Knowing this information from the outset then impacts everything from the writing style you use, to the type of creative you design.

Experiments in effectiveness

This talk, given by Sam Gaunt, Head of Media at Lidl, gave an overview of how to make sure you get ROI on your digital media investment by asking yourself the following questions from the outset:

  • Effectiveness of different messages: should it be a brand message or a product / price-led message?
  • What is the best channel to target your customer / prospect? What channel will they be present on?
  • Which channels will make the most noise and generate the most engagement?
  • Always think about the whole journey and the sales funnel; what did your customer / prospect do 3/7/15 days after they clicked?
  • What channels drive return back to the business?

Essentially, you need to ensure you are leveraging your data to enhance your digital media investment to ultimately, improve the customers journey through end to end experiences; making it easier for them to convert.

Shifts in digital advertising for SMBs

This talk was given by Adrian Blockus, Head of Channel Sales UK & Ireland at Google.

There are 3 billion worldwide searches on Google every single day. This statistic shows that we clearly live in a time where digital sophistication is increasing rapidly, and this has consequences for advertisers, whilst also providing an opportunity for technology-led organisations.

Advertisers are now demanding more from their investment than ever before. Below are three key trends in the digital advertising space:

  • Move to automation
  • Move to smart, machine learning solutions
  • Move to transactional based ad formats (Used to be based on clicks / likes / impressions)

Using a combination of the tactics above, we can expect to see greater innovative ad solutions that bypass traditional formats and deliver the results that matter.

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