International Women’s Day

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Today marks International Women’s Day, celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the world. However, progress has actually slowed in many countries so global action is needed fast to accelerate gender equality, that’s why the day’s needed but we hope that soon that won’t be the case.

We’ve asked in the office what International Women’s Day means to us and here are a few of our thoughts:

Sarah Lewis, Lead Creative, said: “I freelanced for more than 10 years and in that time I only came across four female creative leads. I believe women can offer so much to creative teams – especially at senior or board level. Women are known for their complex communication skills and nurturing teams so why don’t agencies embrace the idea of hiring women at higher levels, creating adverts and campaigns that will really resonate with women.”

Thea Hickman, Client Services Director, said: “I would say ‘we’ (women) are lucky at onebite to work in such a creative and supportive environment that is based on meritocracy. It doesn’t consider gender, but rather the quality of our work and the attitude we bring to it. But we’re not lucky, that’s how it should be, sadly it’s not in all agencies, businesses or countries – so until then, happy International Women’s Day.”

Laura Goodey, Account Director, said: “To me, International Women’s Day is about highlighting the work there’s still left to do and feeling positive about getting it onto people’s agenda. It’s about the women who are fighting basic human rights all the way to women who are fighting to get on the board and everyone in between. It’s strangely about community too – a community of people just trying to get along in life without being held back because of something like gender.”

Helena Morris, Senior Account Executive, said: “International Women’s Day is a brilliant time for us to celebrate the achievements of women but also to shine a light on women’s issues around the globe, and what men and women alike can do to help.” 

We’ve also been inspired by some of the campaigns supporting International Women’s Day and here are a few of our favourites:

Thanks to El for sharing this great campaign from illustrators IC4Design and marketing agency DDB for UN Women in Egypt. The ad campaign, titled Finding Her, was designed to draw attention to the lack of women in the Egyptian workforce, which is only 23 per cent female.

Thea also shared this thought provoking campaign created for UN Women. It uses genuine Google searches to reveal the widespread prevalence of sexism and discrimination against women.

Finally, thanks to Hazel for sharing Microsoft’s #MakeWhatsNext campaign that focuses on encouraging girls to study science, maths, technology and engineering (STEM) and helping to inspire them to take the next step.

To join today’s conversation, use the #BeBoldForChange and help create a more inclusive, equal world.

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