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Humanising your B2B brand on social media – why it’s so important!

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B2B communication often has a reputation for always remaining formal and professional. However, with the pervasiveness of social media, it is now perfectly acceptable to adopt a less formal attitude where appropriate. When it comes to shaping your social media comms, we recommend creating a balance between maintaining professionalism and humanising your brand. No matter how formal the subject matter is, you’re ultimately always dealing with people.

Business-related communication has merged with typically social and casual platforms which means it is important to humanise your brand and adapt your tone to reflect their nature. This is a win for B2B marketers because being less formal makes it easier to provide fresh, unique, and engaging content that will create more transparency for your audience.

In this blog, we will highlight the benefits of showing your audience the human side of your brand. We have listed some ways that will help tell your brand’s story and reflect your values differently.

Meet the team

One of the easiest ways to humanise a brand on social media is by allowing your audience to meet your team. Just think of this as an extension of the “who we are” page on your website and an opportunity to shout about your team! Consider featuring information that makes them relatable such as insight into their roles, interests and what they like most about your brand. The aim is to create content to engage and build trust.

Tip: Find out what your audience would like to know by analysing how well certain content performs and by conducting research with polls and feedback requests.


This style of content is a refreshing way to break up your social feed and differentiate yourself from the competition by showcasing the people who work behind the scenes of your brand. It can also allow your followers to see the fun side of a brand and help improve engagement with followers.

Tip: Why not show your followers a typical day in the office or show them the behind-the-scenes of an event?

Share customer success stories

People will trust your brand more if they see evidence of your work with others. Sharing customer success stories will only help promote the reliability of your company and encourage others to work with you.

Tip: feature case studies, testimonials and other customer-based content that outlines what you’ve achieved and how you can help.

Show Appreciation

It’s important to remember to show appreciation and gratitude towards your audience. As well as humanising the brand, it also shows authenticity. Who knows what the future might hold? Make sure your followers stay invested and stick around to find out!

Tip: update on brand progression, share important milestones, and show appreciation to those who helped you achieve them.

Be Human

Finally, the easiest thing that can make a difference, is interacting with your audience. The beauty of social media is that it allows for easy two-way communication between you and your followers. Here, you can use a conversational style and tone of voice to engage your audience.

Tip: Interact with your followers as much as possible through likes, comments and sharing.

In today’s ever-interactive society, communication that’s friendly and relatable is key. Keep in mind that it’s essential to remain professional. However, certain social media platforms allow you to show the people behind your brand and have some fun. We hope we have shown how humanising your brand can add value! Which tip will you be implementing today?

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