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How we use design and collaborate together to elevate our client work

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Designers can use collaboration as a powerful tool. Over time the role of a designer has become increasingly complex and thankfully the tools we use are changing to better suit the needs of our clients.

There are great benefits that come from the integration of designers and here are our top tips for embracing creative collaboration, areas we practice at onebite:

Teamwork makes the dream work

Every person has their strengths and weaknesses. Working out who has strengths to best tackle the brief will work to your advantage – not only will you save time on the project but each of you will shine through in your own way whilst learning from one another – and with so many skills in-house, we’re always learning.

Keep on sharing and searching

Seen something useful or cool? Share it around! We’re always looking for inspiration, sometimes from the most ordinary of places. Designers are not always the only people who like visually pleasing assets, clients do too, and we’re always looking at ways we can push the client brief creatively.

Make sure you are all heading in the same direction

Finding harmony across a team of designers can often be a challenge – a single brief can require a strategic brain, creatives, digital and content writers all thinking about how best to execute the work. For the best outcome, everyone should be on the same page, so the best possible solution can be delivered. Communication is critical amongst all parties to ensure time is best spent in the right places.

Break free!

Break out of your comfort zone and share your work. Working with a diverse and dynamic group of people who all have their own specialisms can amount to great things, and keeps work fresh, exciting and interesting, “…collaboration in the design industry is always exciting because everyone tries to solve the same problems differently.” – Johannes Schiel, owner of Unleashed Design

Share client feedback and move forward together

Share client feedback with everyone who has been involved– sometimes you might need to read between the lines to determine the best course of action. For example, “make the logo bigger” can be translated to “I’m not sure the hierarchy is correct on this page “creating a solution quickly and delivering a ­stronger response.

Gone are the days of the lone designer, opening up a new age where creative, client account teams and design teams work closely across multiple mediums to create the strongest outcome.

If you are looking to jazz up your creative, need help designing some collateral or are looking for a revised look and feel to your brand, get in touch today, on hello@onebite.co.uk.

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