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How 5G is going to change the lives of marketers

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5G is the next generation of mobile technology, set to leave 4G firmly in the past thanks to the promise of widespread coverage, faster speeds, greater capacity, reliability and flexibility. 5G will have an enormous impact on mankind and will open up new use cases that weren’t even possible on 4G.

The main reasoning behind the network upgrade is to support the increasing number of devices that demand internet access. The explosion of connected devices, such as mobile phones, televisions, speakers and security systems, is only going to continue to intensify – as will the information generated, and data shared between them.

The future of marketing will happen on 5G; with technology advancements and achievements in digital marketing moving forward at an exponential pace; marketers need to be ready to take advantage of what it brings to the table, but how exactly will 5G affect the world of marketing?

Customer service becomes holographic

As a result of super-fast speeds 5G promises – with speeds 10 times faster than 4G, it means that we will always be connected. This will completely change how people interact with one another, but also with brands and services. With the advancement of technology and 5G working hand in hand, a disgruntled customer could virtually be in the same room as the agent they are talking with on the phone. Not only may these ease the process of complaint resolution, but it would enhance customer experience that bit further than traditional audio or video calls available today.

Real-time analytics

 With faster data communication between devices, marketers will have access to real-time analytics. This means that it could be possible to optimise marketing campaigns in real-time, using a powerful blend of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and marketing automation to instantly adjust to changing environments. For example, if a user makes a purchase online, informed, real-time analytics would then ensure that the user no longer receives adverts for what they have just purchased. They would then be served adverts for related items instead.

Bringing brands to life in a new and engaging way

The next generation of devices will stream content directly to mobile VR headsets, so users will be able to get front row seats wherever they are – a real bonus for sporting and music fans! This will truly bring events to life in a new way, but also the advertising that surrounds it. Marketers need to be thinking about how they can use this evolution to best affect, offering a more brand immersive experience to their customers than ever before.

Enhanced personalisation

5G will support more data than ever before, better processing and more intelligent ways of navigating through information. When devices are connected with 5G, this will generate an exceptional amount of data, which will mean marketers will be able to gain access to higher-quality user insights and subsequently, help them understand the needs of their customers better.

The transformational potential of 5G is truly ground-breaking and holds the potential for things we humans are yet to imagine. It is certainly a time for marketers to test their imagination, dream big, and have the confidence to test out things that previously seemed impossible.

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