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Covid-19: what it’s like to start a new job from home

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Starting a new job can be an intimidating step in life: the hustle and bustle of a new office, plenty of never-before-seen faces with names you can’t quite remember, forgetting where the post-it notes are kept and so on. We all know that home is where the heart is, as well as the biscuit tin, unlimited snack supply and cosy pyjamas…

Nonetheless, starting a new job from home is bound to be an anxious experience. Learning an array of new systems and practices is a real challenge, especially when all the mentoring you would normally receive from your line manager a desk across from you is now coming from someone you’ve not yet met face-to-face from the next town over.

Currently, statistics show that 1.7 million people are working from home amidst COVID-19*. After the Prime Minister’s instructions to not go to work unless we must, office workers like us here at onebite are finding a new normal from the comfort of their own homes, more specifically dining rooms and makeshift offices.

The positives of working from home include the following:

  • Saving money on travel costs
  • Flexible scheduling (for most companies)
  • Less office distractions

Despite the above, sometimes working from home can have a negative effect on our collective mental health as a workforce. The lack of constant communication with colleagues or kitchen catch ups can magnify loneliness, but you certainly wouldn’t be alone in thinking that. This article from the BBC features an interview with Nicole Rouwenhorst, who talks about her personal experience with starting a new job from home.

This is a reminder to video call your colleagues as much as possible; face-to-face communication when discussing the new product launch or content plan will definitely help ease that lonely feeling! Additionally, quietly having music or television playing in the background to break the silence will fill that empty space of the house whilst you type away. Whatever your new job is, congratulations! You’re going to go very far – maybe all the way back to the office in a few weeks!

At onebite, we have vast experience working with technology companies, from start-ups to SMBs to large scale enterprises, we are proud to work with some of the most innovative B2B brands in the world. If you are looking to develop a marketing strategy or create powerful, valuable content that will resonate with your target audience, we can help. Please get in touch at hello@onebite.co.uk

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