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Could an outsourced Marketing Director benefit your business?

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No business wants to feel their desire to grow their company is under siege from external circumstances. But, in these uncertain times while we combat a global pandemic, many of us have found ourselves feeling torn.

On one hand, there’s the very real need to make savings and protect financial reserves. On the other, there’s that innate ambitious-business instinct to drive your establishment forward and ensure growth.

Striking the balance with growth when there’s no budget

So, how do you balance your business ambitions for growth with a budget under strain? The answer is by opting for the most flexible and highly skilled workers that you can afford.

These last few years have seen significant changes in the tech and telecoms industries but, like the rest of the world, the reality of the changing face of the workforce is now upon us.

As many businesses put a halt on recruitment to recover from the recent waves of Covid-19, the industry has instead seen a rise in outsourcing. Outsourcing is not a new concept, however companies are now seeing the benefits of bringing in highly-skilled resources while still having control on the financial reigns.

Outsourcing is ideal for introducing a fresh pair of eyes and an experienced expert into your team without the worry of on-going and relentless costs. As Director-level team members come with a pretty hefty price tag once you factor in a competitive salary, expenses, benefits and bonuses, it’s no wonder outsourcing is on the rise.

Outsourcing helps you save on costs and gain on skills

If your business growth strategy involves bolstering your promotional and marketing activities (and we can’t think of a better way) then perhaps subcontracting a marketing specialist is a beneficial way forward for you?

The main benefits of an outsourced Marketing Director or Marketing Consultant is they handle everything you’d expect from your own in-house senior team member. They’ll develop your marketing strategy, create a series of online and offline marketing campaigns, handle your budgets and even manage your internal marketing team to ensure everything is impeccably implemented.

However, the pinnacle of the service is its ability to be tailored entirely to your business requirements; fitting perfectly into the gaps and plugging them with expert knowledge and many years of industry specific experience.

We’re now outsourcing our own Marketing Directors

Listening to the recent industry needs and wants, we’ve launched our own outsourcing package – Marketing Director as a Service.

Our new outsourcing offering provides your marketing team with expert leadership and a highly-experienced safe pair of hands that can be dialled up and down, depending on your needs. Our Marketing Directors will carry out all the jobs you’d expect from your own Directors or in-house Chief Marketing Officers, including:

●      Developing your business’ overall marketing strategy

●      Looking after your marketing budgets

●      Developing new online and offline campaigns

●      Attending board meetings and leading conference calls

●      Managing your marketing team and recruitment

●      Nurturing agency and supplier relationships

And as all of our Marketing Directors are experienced agency professionals who are used to working across multiple client accounts, they’re equipped to come into your business and hit the ground running.

Get in touch to access your free Marketing Director as a Service consultation, with no obligations.

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