A week at onebite

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Hello, I’m Sophie and I recently spent a week working at onebite to gain experience in the world of work and to develop my interest in marketing. I have just completed my GCSE’s at St Helen and St Katharine in Abingdon, and in September will move into Sixth Form to study Maths, Economics, History and Government & Politics as A level subjects. In the future, I would like to go to university to potentially study Economics before hopefully embarking on a marketing or sales career.

In my free time, I enjoy gymnastics, shopping, running, and baking. This summer I am excited to relax after my exams, celebrate with my friends and go on holiday.


On the first day of my work experience I was welcomed by Jade and after a quick tour of the office, I felt at home, partly due to the lovely atmosphere here at onebite (and the biscuits!).

Throughout my first day, I spoke to members of the team from different sections of the agency – Sarah-Jane from PR and Communications and Kate from Client Services. This really helped me understand the role of each part of the agency, such as new business development, communicating with clients and providing an effective marketing strategy, as well as successfully promoting a company to the public through the press, social media and articles. This was really enlightening for me and gave me a much greater insight into the huge diversity of the marketing world.


Tuesday began with a meeting with Donna from Creative who explained how onebite creates original and beautiful ideas for branding and design – this was amazing to see! I later had a client meeting with Avril and Vodafone about a new project.

In the afternoon I began researching for an upcoming pitch – it was so nice to be of use to the team and help out. Later, I sat in on a digital team meeting about the new GDPR regulation. I found this difficult to understand due to the technical terms but was nonetheless interesting to watch all of the team at work.


On Wednesday I created a PowerPoint for the new business pitch and spent a few hours proof-reading a new client website. I also sat in on a meeting with El and Jade about an exciting Adam Phones project, which was inspiring.


Thursday consisted of writing another blog I created during my time at onebite about my favourite marketing campaigns of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This was really enjoyable because I love writing and it was really satisfying to be happy with the end result.

Later I sat in on a meeting about the new business pitch, where Kiri, Karen, and Kate talked through their presentation in such a creative and ingenious way that I was completely persuaded of all of their ideas! This meeting was probably one of my favourite activities throughout the whole of my work experience, as it embodied what I hope to achieve in the future.

To finish the day, the whole team gathered in the kitchen for farewell drinks and nibbles for El. It was lovely to be able to chat and laugh with all of the amazing people who work at onebite, and I really felt a part of the company.


When I entered the office on Friday it was with conflicting emotions -regret that I leave onebite after my amazing time here and excitement of being able to claim expertise in marketing! I spent some of the morning helping Sarah-Jane with working out how to improve onebite’s social media presence, through Facebook and Instagram.

Before celebrating Mark’s 40th birthday downstairs, I did some user testing with Lisa for client websites. I enjoyed being able to voice my opinions during this task. It has really surprised me that such small action and decisions can make such a large difference in marketing. For example, a small tweak to a huge corporate company’s website or logo can transform the way it’s viewed by the public.

Saying goodbye to everyone was probably the hardest part of my week at onebite, as it would be so strange and sad to no longer be able to eat away my cares with Haribo rings (!) and chat to all of the lovely and accommodating people here, who have made my time at the office so memorable, interesting and informative.

I would like to finish by saying a massive big thank you to all of the team that has guided me during this past week, and I hope that I have now persuaded everyone to apply for a work experience placement at onebite!



By Sophie Bland

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