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A glimpse into the future of email marketing

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Email marketing is an important communication activity that remains consistently relevant. However, as customer behaviour changes, so too must the methods we use to target our audience(s).

In this blog, we explore what is happening today and what the future of email marketing could look like…

Automation and personalisation are here to stay

With their consent, the ability to collect people’s data helps companies better understand their audience. As a result of this, businesses are now in a better position to deliver relevant content to their consumers, enhancing customer communications as a result. A combination of data analysis and personalisation can make a big difference in the level of engagement a user displays. By tailoring content, relevant messages can be brought to life, and resonate with particular audiences, scenarios, and contexts, in a way that matters.

We are now seeing personalisation applied in different forms. The basic implementation is to always address the first name of the recipient in any email communication. From there, the possibilities are endless. It all depends on what you know about your audience and the message you need to communicate. Other applications of personalisation include the use of targeted content based on user preferences, location, time of the day, or even based on past purchase history.

Are you clued up on AI?

As expected, with the rapid evolution of AI and machine learning, the way you can analyse and use data for email personalisation and automation is only going to improve. It will become more and more accurate and efficient as it evolves. Continuous development will enable companies to build the necessary segmentation to deliver next-level customised content. For example, it is expected that information could soon be intelligently pulled from a range of sources without the need to create new content each and every time an e-blast is sent. Now that is the future of email marketing!

Use those vocal cords

Another exciting development for email is voice interaction. With the ever-expanding use of voice assistants, users now expect to be able to playback their emails, reply to them and perform basic email interactions with only their voice. What is most relevant for marketers is how to build emails that are clear and impactful. Voice interaction enables users to run through emails on command, so the content you use within your email has to be well-structured, easy to read, with very clear semantic code – otherwise, your user will lose interest very quickly.

Improve engagement within your email communications

Traditional emails often rely on a static piece of content or imagery which can limit user engagement. A key development we are now exploring is the ability to interact with emails in the same way we interact with webpages, where content can dynamically change when users open an email. This can result in live, interactive and exciting content for the reader to consume – and a range of data points to capture, as a result, to determine the level of interest!

At onebite, we are always keeping an eye out for new, emerging email technologies to ensure we stay ahead of the curve, delivering the best possible results for our clients. We use the latest tools, combined with our accumulated knowledge and extensive experience, to create unique, valuable and powerful email communications that drive meaningful results.

If you need support in creating impactful email campaigns, from concept designs and customised branded templates, through to platform set up, tracking and reporting, then get in contact with us today at hello@onebite.co.uk.

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