Look how we have changed.

  • David


    Joint Managing Director

    No longer blonde, but still partial to a sharp shirt for special occasions

  • Mark

    Mark H

    Joint Managing Director

    Mark always has and always will live his mantra “Killer fringes breed success. Killer fringes breed success. Let’s do this!”

  • Tom



    An automotive fan from a young age, Tom shunned his promising future in agriculture for a career in marketing

  • Kathryn


    Senior Creative

    Highly organised, creatively diligent and still delivering on her promises

  • Marcela



    Marcy's always been keen on making things 'work', and still has the sombrero and pistol for when push comes to shove

  • Rebecca


    PR & Comms Senior Account Manager

    Always fascinated by the written word, Becky found some words difficult to say, until she took her fingers out of her mouth

  • Ian


    Creative Team Manager

    Runs everything like clockwork, and is thankfully now in colour

  • George



    There's not much that phases George, only Marcy in a gun fight (see Marcela)

  • Sarah


    Lead Creative

    Ever thoughtful, Sarah's still making things purr, though the socks and sandles are happily a thing of the past

  • Thea


    Client Services Director

    Thea's always had a knack of being able to persuade people, although her baking still leaves a lot to be desired

  • Shariff


    Digital Director

    Shariff soon discovered that his future wasn't in dancing on ice, but in following his early brand hero Apple

  • Donna


    Senior Creative

    A creative pioneer from an early age, Donna was born to make impact

  • El



    A look that says "If I was a rock star... I wouldn't be surprised"

  • Tracy-Anne


    Account Director

    Tracy learned early on not to turn her back on the big things in life

  • Liane


    Senior Creative

    Looks almost exactly the same now, just a little taller, and still in tune

  • Jade

    Jade H

    Account Manager

    There's rarely, in fact never, anything that phases Jade – something she demonstrated at an early age

  • Laura


    Account Director

    Laura's keenness to see a process through, coupled with a sharp eye for detail was something that just came naturally

  • Lily


    PR & Communications Manager

    The 'bob' is long gone, but that cute smile is still there for those who make Lily a herbal tea

  • Lisa


    Digital Planner

    Always engaged and ready for anything, pony tail or not

  • Kate


    Senior Account Manager

    Nervous smile, hair ribbon in place - Kate was ready for the world of Account Management

  • Georgina


    PR & Comms Senior Account Executive

    Georgina was always keen to showcase her in-built ability to always get there first

  • Suresh


    Account Manager

    Suresh has always been the caring type; enjoying that warm and fuzzy feeling

  • Helena


    Senior Account Executive

    Helena's unique talent for spreading the word has never left her

  • Sarah-Jane


    PR & Comms Account Executive

    She always had a keen passion for books and publications.

  • Jade

    Jade S

    Agency Coordinator

    Buttons liked to be cuddled in bed. The growling was his way of saying “I love you Jade, sit on my tail some more”.

  • Vicki


    Account Manager

    Vicki took it hard when she failed to win Bridesmaid of the year, and would often practice whenever she could with her cardboard cutout adult, Geoff.

  • Mark

    Mark K

    Head of Content

    Even from a young age Mark had that look that said, one day I will be a God in the world of Comms! Or a lion tamer, he wasn’t decided.

  • Hazel



    Hazel would often cry when her mum dressed her as a 70's child instead of the trend-setting 90's kid she always wanted to be.

  • Claire


    Finance & Office Manager

    Claire knew how to wear a fringe and cardigan. This she thought, was how ALL accountants started out.

  • Emma


    Junior Creative

    Hello world, I'm ready. What have you got?

  • Kiri


    Senior Account Director

    Kiri loved her ‘pretending to take a bite out of her giant invisible cake’ routine, and thought her family did too. They didn’t.

  • Karen


    Communications Director

    Having read Trump’s “The Art of the deal”, Karen was keen to get into property, her mistake was taking the dictum “Start small” a little bit too literally.

  • Selena


    Creative Artworker

    Ever since seeing Toy Story on the big screen, Selena hoped that her toys would also come to life. She knew it was a question of playing the long game and she was prepared to wait.