‘oneyear’ at onebite

One year ago today I arrived at onebite ready to start my new job.

After being welcomed by the team, who couldn’t have been nicer, I had the chance to join a new business opportunity. This was a really great insight into how onebite works, from initial pitch brainstorm through to client presentation. It also gave me an opportunity to spend time with various team members, quickly, whilst discussing ideas of how best to approach our response to brief.

Collaboration is key at onebite and the lines of communication are kept open across the office. During my onboarding, I sat with a member of the team from each department to learn how the company operates and what everyone’s role was within the business. This gave me the chance to meet and speak with everyone in the company and made me feel a part of the team. It has also meant that I have since learned a range of skills and gained valuable experience across marketing activities as a result of working closely with different team members.

Over the last 12 months I have worked on a number of different projects for various clients and I have really settled in with the team and the way we work. I’ve had the chance to deliver insight and recommendations on new business pitches and opportunities, develop existing accounts and help build business relationships. Regular reviews ensure that I am meeting objectives, progressing my career and remaining happy at work.

We practice a flexible working environment which gives me opportunities to decide where and how I work best. If I need to disappear off to one of many meeting rooms to focus for a couple of hours, that is encouraged! Management will always support you to get work done effectively and efficiently and there is always support on hand for new ideas or ways to approach a project.

As well as helping me to build my career, team building is also very important here. From Christmas parties and summer gatherings to birthdays, hen parties and baby showers, onebite is a company that celebrates everyone’s successes, both personal and business related.

I have enjoyed the last year at onebite and look forward to progressing my career. It’s a company where my voice is heard, I know I will receive support and my successes will always be praised and celebrated.



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If you’re interested in joining the onebite family, contact us at hello@onebite.co.uk and we’ll be in touch!

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