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International Women’s Day – Celebrating women in digital

Celebrating women has never been as important and prominent as it has in 2018. This year ...
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Did social media help swing the 2017 general election results?

In yesterday’s general election, we saw the highest turnout since 1997, with nearly 70 per cent ...
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Why aren’t we voting online today? We take a look at technology and elections

In today’s general election, about 46.9 million people are registered to vote – that’s an ...
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Why VR and why now?

In the first in a series of blog posts on the topic of Virtual Reality (...
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brightonSEO – thoughts from our Digital Director

Today, our digital team attended brightonSEO - a popular search marketing conference in Brighton. Digital ...
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Mobile first – why a responsive website from a desktop idea is no longer enough

In November, Google announced mobile-first indexing and that it would be prioritising mobile search results ...
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brightonSEO – our thoughts

Last month the onebite digital team attended the increasingly popular event, brightonSEO – a one-day search ...
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Reasons to be creative: Inspiration in 3 minutes

Back in September of this year, our digital team attended the popular event 'Reasons to ...
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